Friday, April 15, 2016

Growing On Up

Well look at that an on time blog post.  I seem to be learning to be a little more efficient with my time management {most days} with three little kids and a business I can't guarantee it is a normal occurrence. Spring is officially here and on the family front we are managing all of our growing little ladies.  Joe is adjusting to all girls, bows and dresses!  Although I do find him repeating...or mumbling "this is my life so many girls".  Followed by a little giggle I think he is quite smitten with all those adorable smiles and bows. Each day even after 10 years of marriage with our normal day to day marital spats about farm design, kids, and normal things he still melts my heart.  We managed to sneak away for a vacation with my family to Hawaii.  Great time with everyone and truly enjoyed. It didn't last long and we were back to our reality of hectic schedules, homework, chickens, ponies and normal day to day chores. 
On the farm front we are now back to our favorite little house, with a new farm office.  I sure do hold a special place in my heart for this little place.  How did we fit in it for so long?  I have no idea, but now we are more grown up, with an official and did I mention adorable farm office!  Projects continue on the farm and creamery.  We will soon have our line of farm apparel available on our website.  Thanks to my friend Tina Suhrke who is amazing and helped with our design vision.  We officially launched our sheep milk feta. Yup...SHEEP MILK FETA.  Not a big description needed it is just that delicious!  We also have newly launched our glass bottled classic whole cows milk.  Can I just say after a year of nagging my husband and him saying we will get to it....and more nagging it finally happened.  You see, in our family we are a split herd {farmer language} 50/50 ... half sheep/ half cows.  A few of us drink sheep milk and a few of us drink cows milk. So that just didn't seem fair, so after a year of endless nagging we are finally launched.  So excited!   We are using a local single sourced milk from Diamond W dairy. A beautiful farm located minutes from our home farm + creamery.  Can I just mention how beautiful this farm is.  All of you blog followers know our HUGE marital spats regarding our farm style. Paved driveways, planters, manicured lawns on my must list. Well this farm sparkled as we drove up the paved drive past the beautiful pampered Holsteins, to beautiful barns and planted planters.  Instant love!  Huge thank you to all our friends and family for the support and help of this huge process that we undertook. Check our website for product updates and locations.  We also welcomed back our favorite friend and first creamery employee!  Joe...well he was extra happy to have his friend back to work with everyday, we are so lucky to have great employees+ friends. As a small producers, we couldn't do what we do without them. So a little update for now as we expand and grow. Back to weed whacking I go!  {Seriously}  A girl has to get things done and not a week from now.  I will not be posting a photo of my outfit today!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Three Months + Changes

Yet again....a lag in blogging.  At this point I guess I am good for an update every three months.  Another year has come to a close.  Hard to believe 2015 went by so quick and we are already a few months into a new year.  On the home front.  We seem to be fully adjusted to three little girls!  New schedules busier every day, more homework, new activities, and our ever adorable growing baby who this week will be five months.   We are enjoying every moment of our growing girls and growing business.  Joe and I have learned that date days now include a drive to Stockton (not our first choice) but our away time is cherished.  I have learned we compromise well I ride along for his business trips and he has to make a few pit stops on our dive home (shopping included).  After 10 years of marriage and three kids you learn to take any quiet time that you get! It works.
The farm...where to start with an update after three months.   I have always been and honest blogger, and after a few hectic months of daily stresses, business changes, tears, overload of lambs, extra loads of laundry from mud on the farm, days where we wonder is this all worth it?  Can we do this with three kids on our own?  After ever changing day to day challenges on a farm.  We are so lucky to live the life we have happy, healthy and so grateful, but it is challenging.  It is hard. I had my first time in five years where I told Joe it would be so much easier to work for someone else. Go to work and come home.  A bit disappointed in myself, I woke up motivated...very motivated. We have learned to embrace the changes and embrace hectic and crazy.  We have had a crazy few months....with crazy I mean we had 700+ ewes lamb out in a month and a half.  CRAZY!  This is our first year we really tried to time our sheep lambing by groups to try to make the lambing process more efficient. Well efficient it was but short handed we were.  Thank goodness for great family and friends again who always seem to chip in at the drop of a hat when needed! You do know we have to catch all those sheep and lambs from our ever beautiful hills (not an easy task at all) and tag every single one. Green grass....rain has arrived and we are over the moon to have some green grass around the farm and some extra happy sheep!  The creamery is extra busy.  Our product line is soon expanding, and we welcomed our new creamery employee.  Welcome Kelly Moore!   She will be joining us in the creamery + with product sales.  We are so excited to welcome her to the team and excited for what is ahead in 2016. So a gazillion new lambs, our growing family, our growing staff and farm. So stay tuned for whats to three months!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Falling For Fall

Hello November.  Hello Fall!  Our favorite time of year.  Lack of blogging again, seems to be a hard task to find a few quiet minutes lately.  So a quick catch up is overdue.  Our family has grown.  Our adorable heart melting Leary Gray was born on August 2nd.  We were thrilled to welcome her into the world, and I was thrilled to no longer be pregnant.  Joe and I also celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, where you ask?  In the hospital. Our 10 year anniversary happened to be the day after Leary was born, so we celebrated with hospital room service and an our growing family.  The girls are over the moon excited and think that having a new baby sister is like a real life baby doll.  Joe is beaming ear to ear and still trying to grasp the fact that is life is filled with bows and ponytails!  Avery and Hadley are ever growing and to sum it up days are filled with school, HOMEWORK, pony lessons, 4-h and lots more.  Oh 4-h. Yes my kids have joined, and yes I have accepted it, and yes they love it and yes I have finally learned it is a great thing.  I have been busy very busy.  Learning to adjust to new schedules, less sleep and all things three girls. 
On the farm front we are lambing.  We are always lambing but we don't really consider our off season. Our busy season is in full swing and there are lambs everywhere.  Farm projects continue, new fencing that was desperately needed is in place (thank you to those who have stopped to let us know our sheep are on the road, you will no longer have a morning or evening commuting delay).  We are still waiting patiently for our rain.....WAITING.  Nothing like seeing your animals graze the dirt.  Green grass can 't come soon enough.  The creamery is growing and so is our product line.  Jen has been working hard every week in the creamery and on making our lives and processes more efficient.  We are ever so grateful for her and her hard work, and her dealing with our occasional family farm marital spats.  They still happen, and yes, Joe seasonal farm decor is necessary. Joe and I also have attended our first few farmers markets.  We are attending the CUESA pop up markets at the yard in San Francisco mission bay neighborhood.  A fun day getting to see some of our great customers.  We are excited for fall on the farm, green grass to grow and lots more to come. Stay Tuned.