Monday, July 21, 2014

Hairnets, stores and a whole lot more!

So yes July is here, and already almost over!  Busy...yes we are to a whole new level!  I have to say we have learned to enjoy each moment and cherish it, as it soon goes away!  That being said...around the house, the girls are growing faster than we are ready for.  Avery had a chance to take a daddy daughter road trip last month to pick up our new sheep dogs!  I know, how many dogs do we have?  Long story short we now just have our pet dog Ellie and a little herd of border collies.   So a very excited little girl hopped in the truck all ready for her daddy daughter road trip to Oregon.  An eager mommy waved them on out the driveway (yes...summer time I was very eager to only have Hadley for a few days....mommy break) little did Avery know her road trip was fast and long.  19 hours of driving and according to Joe non stop talking.  They made it back safe with a few new additions.   The girls were also flower girls in my friends wedding this past weekend.  Oh to be a little girl...I think it was almost as good as seeing a disney princess!  A great family night out.   I have seemed to realize that organization is key to each day.  I also celebrated a birthday this past week and now seem to need a cup of coffee before my feet hit the floor to start my day!  A cup of coffee with a splash of sheep milk of course (shameless plug)  Figuring it is pretty much downhill from here..... how 32 arrived so fast  I have no idea.  Yikes let's move on!  
On the farm, well we are officially on store shelves!  YES....we are so so excited.  I don't think it hit Joe and I until we entered a store and saw our milk on the shelves.  It was for sure a surreal moment.  I also think we hit as many stores in our area just to sneak a peek where we were placed on the shelves how many bottles were left and let's be honest just to stare at our milk on the shelves!  Yup that was us, the crazy little farmers standing in the milk isle just staring! 
You can now find us on the shelves at Whole Foods Market northern California.  New retail stores are added are updated on our website.
So again huge thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, bought our milk, and sent their kind words our way.  Each like on facebook, each email, and each purchase we are more than grateful for! Around the farm we are still lambing, still calving, and added a few new great pyrenees puppies.  So we again are in full on baby mode with a whole lot of cuteness around the farm!  So our life is now filled with hairnets, stores and a whole lot more.  Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Short and Sweet

Well June is here and our summer has officially started.  Avery has officially graduated first grade and also graduated from daisy scouts.  Hard to believe our little girl is going to be turning 7, heading into second grade and will now be a brownie!  Hadley has also completed another year of preschool and has one more to go.  Yes it feels like we have been in preschool forever.  That is what you get when you have a baby out of season (you know a December baby missing the school cut offs)!  Summer schedules have started and I have to admit it's quite nice to have a little personal schedule break.  Avery started back on the swim team for the summer and is super excited to be attending a golf and tennis camp out in Bodega.  Hadley is continuing her preschool summer camp, and of course has every day filled with horses and ponies.  On the home front, I decided to get my own farm horse this week.  Yes far cry from a fancy show horse with a manicured mane.  Figured a little quarter horse with an ombre mane would do.  Oh, and she is great.  Safe, fun and perfect mom therapy for the farm! So a little adjustment getting used to a bit more country of a horse but so worth it. Just feeling like there has to be a monogrammed western pad that someone sells right? 
On the farm we are down to the wire.  The creamery is complete and we did a test run a few weeks ago getting ready to hit store shelves in less than a few weeks. EEK!!! pretty darn exciting. Who ever thought that this little dream we had a year ago would actually be happening.  Reality is definitely starting to set in for both of us, well worth the hard work.  The creamery details are now almost complete.   Farm projects continue with a new shear barn renovation, new feed bays and lamb pens complete.  The farm is now in clean up mode seeing that construction is complete (yes a favorite part of mine) Lambs are still arriving.  Did I mention how cute they are?  So down to the wire, lots of work ahead and lots more to come!  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Official

So a lot has been learned this month.  Starting with just when you think you are working have to work harder.  People ask how do we do everything?   Well we work, harder than we ever knew we could. Run partially on adrenaline. Work very long days filled with paint in our hair, lots of laughs, some tears (you know those just crying because we are overtired tears) Our family and friends (great ones) chip in when needed watching kids, helping us with construction, cleaning, digging trenches, drawing our creamery plans and a whole lot more. We are truly lucky to have some pretty amazing people in our lives and such support throughout this whole process. We learned that just when you think you are all ready and done, there is a whole new list waiting in the wings to be completed.  Google (yes Google) has become one of our new favorites...along with our to do lists from last month.  It's amazing if you don't know how to do something Google seems to have a solution, and YES Google has also solved some of our marital spats along the way. Oh did I mention Joe and I now work together so there are a few more of those!   So that being said our little farmstead creamery cottages are NOW OFFICIAL!  What does that mean for all our non farm friends? We are now a licensed creamery with the state of California and are now able to produce our products on the farm!!  The creamery is now complete along with our walk in refrigerator and our dry goods cottage. (now all the finishing details to follow)  So a HUGE milestone achieved today and we are pretty darn excited and can't wait to get processing!  Lots more to come....Stay Tuned
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Must Be May

Hello May.  I know these blogs are about our crazy life, but it seems life has gotten a bit crazier.   Girls are loving their new school and in full swing with new friends...meaning lots more activities.  That being said I live in my car.   Yes I remember my mom always just driving us around {mom taxi}  well I am in that phase now.  Joe and I had a chance to visit Averys new school for her first grade open house.  So neat to see how much she is doing and how darn fun first grade is!!  Contraction surgery, reading detectives and a few fun field trips each month including Bodega Marine lab, getting to meet a real life childrens author.  Ok I admit it as parents I think we both want to be first graders again.  Hadley is still in pony mode!  She rides her pony daily and we can't possibly fit anymore real or play ponies around here!  Full pony capacity at the farm. She also has met lots of new little friends and truly adjusting to all the change we have had in the past few months.  I am just trying to keep a float with a new full list each day.  Joe, BUSY he is working his butt off now with major deadlines around the farm.  To do lists and schedules are our new favorite! We are still making daily trips to home improvement stores, we still have marital design disagreements in the aisles.  I have to admit, the more and more we do together the more we are agreeing.  {who knew}  
On the farm. {deep breath}  not even sure where to start. We are still in full construction mode working endless hours trying to meet our creamery completion deadline.  We again are so lucky we have such support and help, we couldn't do it without everyone.  The creamery is almost complete.  We now have plumbing, electricity, tile, a walk in refrigerator and much more.  Learning things take longer than expected and my "can't you just do that real quick"  is never really the case.  All of our creamery cottages are in place and primed. Now the fancy part {asphalt} yes pretty exciting stuff! with an added bonus for a bike pad for the girls. Each day is a challenge and hard work but now that everything is coming together we are pretty darn excited. We now have official CDFA approved bottle labels!  Thank goodness for awesome designers for making our vision a reality!  Oh sheep, lots of them too.  We are still lambing, still milking.  This all wouldn't be possibly without our ladies!!  Our milk ladies that is.  So lots of photos and lots more to come!!