Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday...seems fitting since we just reached our 4th year of business mark.  Hard to believe that 4 years ago we started Haverton Hill Farm (the dairy) our starter flock of sheep arrived to my in laws front yard.  We then found a ranch to lease and the MAJOR (total understatement) renovations began.  We transformed a non operating run down cow dairy.  Transformed the barns, fields, milking parlor, lamb nursery to a Grade A sheep dairy.  We also transformed our little cottage house...that for those of you catching up...had smurf blue trim, lots of mold, a toilet that had been used on the patio, and every inch of our house barn storage filled with garbage.  Yes I still have a hard time believing what this place looked like, how far it has come, and that hardest part that We did it...we survived the start up of a new business, a whole farm and house renovation, all while raising two adorable little girls.  Now this past year we added another major project of finally starting our farmstead creamery.  We have been up and running for four months now and have officially launched two products (on store shelves now), another product launching soon.   So a little throwback on how we started a few before and after photos to where we are at today, and lots more to come! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall On The Farm

Well, we are almost through October already, it is officially feeling like fall on the farm.  Even the barn entrance is feeling the holiday spirit with our Halloween decor.  Ok...I admit it was a bit of a marital disagreement if the ghosts, mums and pumpkins were necessary for our barn entrance. My answer "of course" and yes I won that battle.  So this month is still, you guessed it hectic!  Joe has taken his "man trip" of the year out of state to Idaho hunting with a few friends so that leaves me home, and you guessed it a LOT on my plate.  Just 1000 sheep, 9 dogs, 2 horses, 1 pony, 3 pigs, 3 chickens and 2 ducks.  No biggie right?  I am thankful for what he does when he is here, I am thankful for the great support system when he is gone, and thankful for such a great farm team that make sure everyday runs smoothly.  So with Joe gone, the girls and I are in overdrive with farm chores, house chores, school, swim, field trips you name it.  We have made time to squeeze in some farm tours, farm dinners, mommy daughter photos and make sure we have fun every night at home being that it's girls night!! {Insert Big Breath...I am ready for a nap}
On the farm front, we are now lambing.  I have to say with the slow time I seemed to forget how many lambs we usually have.  We joke it is raining lambs..literally the past few nights we have had 30 lambs a night.  That for us means more milk and our slow time is officially almost over!  We have had a few light rains...not enough to do anything to our dirt and full of dust fields.  The creamery is in full work mode (thanks to Jake and Tony who have been in charge of bottling while Joe is gone)  Ice cream is now on store shelves.  Check out our retailer page for locations.  We are super excited all the great feedback we have had on our products. I had my surreal moment in the local market after they stocked the shelves with our ice cream.  Knowing how hard it was to produce and hand pack all those pints.  So worth it, and so excited to have our ice cream hit shelves and represent what fresh sheep milk ice cream should taste like. We also had a Michelin Star chef Stefano Masenti and his wife from Italy stop by the farm for a tour and tasting. No big deal right!  Huge thanks to all the great parents and kids who came to the creamery and farm for a tour for such a fun day!  LOTS of new things in the works, we can't wait to share. To check out our latest press click HERE. In the mean time, more work, longer days.  Feeling like Fall on The Farm! Stay Tuned.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Sheep Milk} Ice Cream

So what do you do when you are utterly exhausted...seriously Joe and I are really acquiring some under eye bags this past month.  Most people would rest.  Us, not so much we push through work harder, moisturize those under eye bags and meet our deadlines.  Well we did it.  We finally officially launched our sheep milk ice cream.  There are only a few people in the US that make sheep milk ice cream.  Well....we have to say ours is pretty amazing.  Sweet creamy goodness all packed in a pint.  We took this project to heart and knew we had to have a great product that would represent sheep milk at its best.  Our results a creamy, low fat ice cream packing all the benefits of sheep milk.   If you like our milk you will LOVE our ice cream!  So three days of churning and 700+ hand packed pints, lots of creamery help, they are officially ready for stores.  Another huge Thank You to everyone who helped make this happen...Especially Chef Jenna and of course all those milk ladies for producing some pretty amazing milk.
Other farm news......projects, lambs, painting still underway.  I bet you didn't know that on a farm painting is a year long project!  We have been in cleanup mode gearing up for more farm visitors.  Oh...whole foods visits the farm.  Yup we were pretty darn excited to have our regional buyer and our local forager visit the farm this week, along with our distributors {the behind the scenes company that gets our product to you as fresh as it is on the farm} We also had a great farm day at Whole Foods San Ramon.  Henry and Hilda and little bo peep {Heidi} made for a great day of fun, family and sheep milk! So in a nutshell lots happening, lots of hard work and lots more to come.  
For More Farm and Family photos check our our Instagram  for our latest press click here  and a little read and review on our milk check our fact & label.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Farm Days of September

With our summer officially over now halfway through September.  Our days are still long and we still are working harder than ever.  On the family front we are now in full swing with new schedules including second grade, swim team, preschool and much more!  Lucky for us we have lots of grandmas and papas to chip in and help (Who doesn't love grandma days)  Actually wishing I still had a few of those here and there! We are so lucky to have such a great family and friends that chip in at a drop of a hat, or best friends who answer hundreds of packaging design texts for opinions no matter what hour of the night. Although we cherish every moment we have seems like Joe and I have been completely occupied with the farm, although we did get a chance to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.  For those of you who don't know we now live and work together.  It is a good thing we are a good team, seeing that most everyday all day is spent together. Oh yes, there are still marital spats in lowes aisles and yes I do try to quit certain days on him...all part of the married working farm life! 
On the farm.  Still milking, still bottling and yes baby lambs still arriving.  Our projects on the farm continue with new fencing, cleanup and working sheep days.  Every day we are not processing we are tending to the many many ewes and lambs we have on the farm.  Rotational grazing, worming, hoof trimmings, you name it we are doing it. I have to say Joe and I are pretty amazed how fulfilling it is to have an operation like we have. ( did I mention exhausting too)  To start the morning with our sheep to the finished product in the creamery.  It is so neat to be able to know exactly what we are producing and how it is produced down to what each of our ewes eats, when she was sheared, when she had her feet trimmed, when she lambed all the details that make our operation run.  Don't forget to check our retail location page on our website for new locations added.  Also make sure to stop by for a sample of our milk this next month dates and locations on our facebook page (Huge thank you to Jolene for all the store demos and sampling on top of grandma duty). Exciting news for last. YES more news....that means more work.  We are super excited that our Sheep Milk Ice Cream will officially be launching in October!  With our Signature line of {Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib, Mint Chip, Hazelnut Crunch}  and a very special limited edition rotating flavor starting with our harvest flavor {Pumpkin Pecan}.  If you have never tried sheep milk or sheep milk ice cream you are missing out!  Huge thank you to Jenna Giannini for all the culinary help and making sure we are launching some amazing ice cream. (and for the hours you spent with Joe and I making sure or craft is perfected). So looking forward to what is ahead, all the work, ice cream testing, and many many more projects to come!  Stay Tuned.

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